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About Me

My name is Petra Ellenbroek

I am 40 years old, a mother, an explorer, analyst, and adventurer, highly sensitive, and a professional coach with 14 years of experience working with people in practice. Finding fulfillment in being with my family, furthering my personal development, acquiring new knowledge, gaining new experiences, feeling, and supporting and enlightening people on their life paths.

"During my personal journey until the age of 26, I wasn't aware of the close collaboration between my brain and body, until a burnout brought me to a halt."

The connection between the mind and body intrigues me, and in fact, it forms the basis of all coaching inquiries I work with.

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Professional Coaching and Leadership 

Universal Voice teacher

Universal Voice Master

Master of Music- Conservatorium FHK Tilburg

Bachelor's Degree in Musical Theater, Dance Academy.

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