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For over 12 years I have been working as an independent singing teacher and vocal coach and I still get a lot of satisfaction out of it every day!

The following courses I successfully completed:

  • 2008 - Bachelor Musical Theater Dansacademie

  • 2010 - Master of Music - Conservatory of the FHK in Tilburg

  • 2017 - Master Universal Voice Singer

  • 2018 - Master Universal Voice Teacher


In addition to these courses, I gained a lot of experience as a singer and dancer. 

I performed on many pop stages, theaters and at festivals such as:
• My own programs and recitals.
• As Little red Ridinghood in "The Trails and Tribulations of Little Red Ridinghood"
• As Ronette in "Little Shop of Horrors" under the direction of Barrie Stevens.

Singing teachers that had a decisive role in my career and from whom I get a lot of inspiration are: Katrien Verheijden, Ingrid Voermans, Gisela Rohmert and Alberto ter Doest.

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