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Being Highly Sensitive

What support or resources do you seek out to nurture your personal and professional growth as a highly sensitive professional? Can you identify specific challenges you face, and how do you overcome them? How do you navigate heightened awareness, experiencing more emotions, and having 'different' needs?

Highly sensitive individuals may have a heightened need for freedom, meaningful connections, creativity, spiritual depth, safety, love, and personal space. They are typically analytical and intelligent, thriving in an environment that is both comfortable and stimulating.


Not every highly sensitive person is the same, and I see that sensitivity is often confused with ADHD in practice. The difference lies in the brain and in the external and internal processing of stimuli. Also, not every highly sensitive person is the same; many factors play a role. How do you experience being highly sensitive? That's what it's about.

I am Petra Ellenbroek, and I am also highly sensitive myself. Do you have a coaching question/life question, or are you just curious about how you can use high sensitivity as a strength? In practice, I encounter high sensitivity a lot, and recognizing and utilizing this quality can open up a world for you!

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