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At the moment I am in the process of revamping my company and my website. In addition to Holistic Singing (Professional Vocal Coaching) I will also give Professional Coaching for Personal Development and Leadership. After my leave I will start again in October. You can fill in a contact form if you are interested, then I can send you a bronchure with my lesson and course offerings.

I look forward to this new start!


Would you like to improve your possibilities as a singer? Do you often suffer from voice exhaustion after a performance? Do you want to study at the Conservatory and do you want to prepare yourself to be selected? Or have you always wanted to sing, but never dared to take the step? From beginner to professionals, I will help you reach a higher level. The singing lessons take place near the center of The Hague center.

Why Petra?

  • I work with the newest vocal techniques, such as the Universal Voice System, but also with Lichtenberg and E.V.T.S.

  • As a vocal technical jack-of-all-trades I can help you in many different genres, such as Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Musical, Cabaret and Classical.

  • With 12 years of experience, 4 training courses, 3 certificates and always anticipating new developments, my knowledge is up to date. ;) 

  • Many professional singer(s) walked surprised and content out of my studio with a more sustainable way of singing.

  • Also twice a year I organise performances where you can gain stage experience and at the same time get to know other musicians.

My goal is to give a feeling of freedom and confidence to you as a singer and to let you experience the ease of technique. For example 'Belting'. In addition to technique, emotion plays an important role in music and that is why I also work with song / text interpretation and bodywork. 

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