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""Discover the Power of Your Inner Compass"

Are you searching for inner peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life? Are you feeling stuck in your personal or professional development? Or are you grappling with emotions that affect your well-being?


In my practice, I create a safe environment where you can work through these challenges and more...

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Why a Coach?

For breaking patterns, gaining new insights, and support. 

Sometimes, it can be very refreshing and liberating just to be heard by someone...

Additionally, having another person able to map out the situation and provide the right guidance can provide clarity.

Coaching voor..

Why Petra?

Petra is a coach known for her integrity and dedication. With over 14 years of experience in the field, she has built a reputation for her efficient and devoted approach. Her approach is both loving and challenging, and she is known for her ability to support her clients and illuminate their path.


What sets Petra apart is her holistic mindset. She believes in the importance of addressing the whole - mind, body, and soul - to achieve true transformation. She integrates silence and meditation exercises into her approach, allowing her clients the space to delve deep within and connect with themselves.


Through targeted exercises and a personalized approach, Petra ensures that each session is valuable. Whether it's addressing personal challenges, exploring life goals, or finding inner peace, Petra is ready to guide her clients on their journey to growth and self-discovery.

Petra Ellenbroek
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